Having only done this once before and not with the podcast per se – it took me a minute to figure out which podcast source would let me embed my own “damn” episode.

“What Would John (Mueller) Do”

If you’re here you likely listened to the episode so if you haven’t – its embedded above.

I wanted to show you the details of the the things I spoke about –

The article about domain name choice – June 2023 by Matt Southern JM on Domain Selection – gTLD and ccTLDs

The article concerning hosting – Dec Roger Montti WordPress vs Wix

I would have embedded those articles but they have the site not permitting that – OK.

Now for the real fun. Alas you’ll have to be satisfied with screenshots for the same reason. 

You can get a good idea from this that it indeed are John Mueller’s random thoughts and topics.

His sitemap is missing some things I would consider essential. These things were uncovered in SEO testing and in my indexation research.

But here’s where things got REALLY interesting – the robots.txt file


If you have a few minutes – its worth checking out.

This is a screenshot of the organic ranking report from Semrush

If yo’ure wondering how to run these volatility reports, its all in Cora THE SEO tool for the on page SEO measurements to know exactly what your page is missing.¬† [best price!]