Vote Guardian

Protecting Your Good Name

Protect Your Good Name

Don’t Make It Easy For “Bad Actors”

When it comes to politics, your name IS your reputation. Unless you take action to protect what is yours, bad actors can obtain and control a message about you that might be completely false.

That is why American Way Media has formulated a new service – Vote Guardian.

What is Vote Guardian?

Vote Guardian is a three-option service that identifies, acquires and deploys domain names that are available that could be related to you, your campaign or office but that you do not currently control.

How Does Vote Guardian Work?

There are three levels of service – identification, acquisition and deployment.

Identification: American Way Media consults and provides a digital report with a list of domain name purchase recommendations. These are domains that could be picked up say by an opponent which could be turned into domains full of misleading or flat out dishonest interpretations that could rank for your name or be shared on social media and easily mistaken by low information voters to be your actual website. Deliverable is a report where you can easily copy all domain names and paste those names into a bulk Godaddy field and purchase in less than 5 minutes. Investment – $250.

Acquisition: In cases, where it is easier for you, American Way Media after identifying the domains, will purchase them on your behalf and save them in a separate Godaddy account with optional transfer to your own Godaddy account where you can easily hold them to set up redirects or create websites from them. Deliverable is a report of the domain names purchased with the login information which you can adopt and initiated transfer from there into your standard Godaddy account. Investment – $275 plus $12 per domain.

Deployment: At this level, after identification and purchase of domains, each domain will be hosted for the duration of a minimum of one (1) year – 12 calendar months. Each domain will have a single page website with your bio, photo and general election messages and optimized to rank for your name. Future updating available. Hosting past first year is available. Deliverable will be a report with list of domains, login/ftp access for each site, login for hosting account. Investment $275 plus $12 per domain plus $175 to build one page site and submit for indexing in search engines.

Which Level is Best for me?

At the very least, we recommend the identification of these domain names that could be used against you and purchase them (either you purchase them or have us purchase them for you).  Due diligence is the key. By protecting your name, you’re protecting the choices that your constitutes perceive.

Can I really register more than one (1) website name?

You can. We call them domain names since you can register a domain name for as little a one year or ten and not develop a site on it. Just because you have the domain name does not mean that you MUST develop a website. But the smart move is build what we call a wall of sandbags so that you make it harder for someone with mischievous intent to interfere with the reputation you have built over the years. Much like you install an alarm system – it doesn’t mean no one will try to break in but you make it harder for them to get away with anything.

What if I run for a different office in the next election cycle, can I utilize this same program using domains that I purchased previously?

Some will lend themselves very well to this. Some may include your previous office and can be updated or additional domains might be purchased.

Can I have someone from my campaign talk to an American Way Media representative about our particular situation?

Of course, you can call our office (512) 853-9484 or use the email form over to the side if you’re on a desktop ( or below if you’re on a mobile device.)

Have you done this for previous campaigns or candidates?

Yes, we have. We’ve been successful retrieving domains that were not renewed before they went on the open market. You can read some background about why we developed this product by going here –

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out either by phone, email or the form on this page.  CALL (512)-853-9484  or VoteGuardian [at]
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