Yes, We can even write it for you if you prefer

It’s Our Gift To You (a $499 value)

If you’ve never had anything published and syndicated across a hundred news sites, you’re in for a treat.

And this is a special offer which is ONLY being offered TO YOU because of your relationship with American Way Media and what this means is your company will appear on dozens of high authority news sites like ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX affiliates throughout the US. This is a $499 value.

You Are a VIP to American Way Media

My team and I wanted to knock this out of the park for you. Words can sometimes be meaningless but not with American Way Media. These words will get you out into the world and all you have to do is answer some short questions so we know what we need to write for you. Yes, if you’re not accustomed to writing press releases, we’ll even write it for you.

Share One of Your Press Release Links on Facebook

Sharing a compelling story about your business on a trusted news site stands out and positions you as a national leader in your market. Consumers are 57.5% more likely to buy from a business they follow on social media. If you can keep your market’s attention, you have a better chance of spreading the word about your services, events and products. Often these types of posts on social media where you share your “news of news about you” are some of the most popular one’s of the whole year.

But You Must Act Now. 

Please fill out the form below and we can get started. You need to submit your details by Friday, November 30th and complete the process by Dec 31st. Yes, you will get the opportunity to review what we write and make adjustments. And after syndication, you will receive a customized report of all your press pickups. 

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