SEO Testing results

What is SEO Testing?

Most in the industry at least on the corporate side think SEO testing is only about A/B testing. This is not that. These are generally html tests that are set up in a way where we can see what Google or Bing or other search engines actually DO.

Is this about YOUR opinions?

No. Everything shared will be data derived. If I share my opinion it will be noted. The testing portion is a controlled method where considerable effort is made to keep it testing the intended target instead of becoming a keyword density test.

How is this going to help me?

The goal here is promote a healthy conversation around normal everyday processes that most of us take for granted. For instance, most even today take for granted that the best way to get their new content indexed is to use a 3rd indexer or Google’s indexing API. My indexation testing research project is still going strong over the past two and half YEARs. Based on data, I can tell you which method is the best to use for new content. There is a paid option to get those almost daily reports including during core updates like the March 2024 core update that has the Helpful Content System now baked into the core algorithm. That can be found at Crawl or No Crawl on substack.

One of the greatest challenges in SEO is knowing WHY something works or does not. Many focus on specific techniques or methods without having a healthy understanding of why it works. Then when something changes they find themselves back at the starting line and not sure what to do.

If you have something you want to get done and want to know what the best way to do it and why, then joining the SEO Testing on Substack is for you. At the time of this writing, there is no fee to participate and you can always send a donation to ensure its ongoing efforts.

I’ve always wondered about what Google crawls – can you test for that?

Yes, in fact, the first test is confirming if Google crawls 301 links in a QR code. So if that is the type of question you’d like an answer to – make sure to choose your best email to get on the notification list when the test is completed.

I’m not a tester, will I be able to understand what you share?

Write ups will be in english, and if you’ve been in SEO for a little while, you should. Basic concepts like the difference between indexed and served may be unfamiliar but part of my other research shows that we need different terms to describe things we conflate or confuse as being “the same”. Being indexed and being served are NOT the same. Not because I say so, but the data says so. These are different states of how Google manages content through their indexation system.

So if you’re open to being open minded and willing to be aware of Google developer documents but not a slave to them, you’ll get it.