Considerate Calls

Get Your Message To the Right People – In A Meaningful Way

The next evolution of communication technology.

Whether it is reaching targeted group of people or the ability to reach out to millions of cell phone users in a geographic area, partnering with American Way Media enables you to send relevant and compliant messages like never before.

We provide access to a patented technology suite of products to get your message to the right people in a meaningful way.

Global Businesses

Let us help you identify and reach your potential customers by the millions around the globe.

Whether it’s announcements, promotions or upcoming events, Considerate Calls™ will deliver your communication directly to the voicemail of the cell phone users on your list.

They can listen to your message when they are ready. Your audience can listen, save or share your message at no additional cost to you.

We work with regulatory agencies and industry specialists to ensure that your messages is always fully compliant to protect your brand.

Municipalities, Agencies and Elected Officials

Stay connected in a meaningful and memorable way to the people that you serve.

  • Reach your citizens immediately in event of emergency or urgent situations.
  • Keep key people informed in a cost-effective way that they will appreciate.
  • Reach demographics that printed mail or newspapers leave behind.
  • 100% TCPA and FCC compliant.


Non-Profit Groups and Educational Institutions

Connect to supporters, donors and alumni in a thoughtful way that increases likelihood of response.

  • Ensure successful events with personal invitations that are delivered directly to your list.
  • Reduce the cost of community outreach by limiting your need for printed mail and phone banking staff.


Political Campaigns

Communicate quickly with your donors in a personal way for fundraising. Leverage the time your candidate has by leaving personal messages, such as donor outreach, in bulk.

Pivot your message at the speed of the news cycle – broadcasts can be set up and broadcast in less time than it takes the ink to dry on the latest story.

  • Help strengthen the power of your budget by reaching more voters for less.
  • Enhance and improve the results of your Get Out The Vote initiatives.
  • 100% compliant with campaign regulations.

How Considerate Calling Works


Step 1 – You provide us with your list of contacts – or in special cases, request us to pull cell phone data from a geographic area.*

Step 2 – We can help craft a personal audio message for you to record or you can use our easy-to-use system from any phone to create a message on the go.

Step 3 – We program in any call back number you want to show on the recipient’s voicemail display.

Step 4 – We compare your list to the Federal Do Not Call Database to ensure that you are protected and your audience is respected.

Step 5 – We schedule the date and time for your broadcast on the platform to send your message – whether it’s by the thousands or by the millions – directly into the cell phone Voicemail Inbox of your audience.

Considerate Calling Voicemail™ is Reliable, Non-Obtrusive and Cost-Effective – The next evolution of communication technology.

Contact Us Today to start communicating with your core audience where they like to be reached.

*Providing phone lists may not available to all customers based on regulatory issues.