Is Google Indexing Everything? Use this Index Detector

Simple Indexing

Accepting New Content

Sep 18 2021

Complex Rendering

Essential For Javascript Frameworks

Sep 18 2021

Above is a visual aggregate of the indexation data to the Semrush Daily sensor readings. If you check Semrush every day, you can come here and see both, whether indexation is on or off, and which type alongside the sensor reading to be able to tell if we can see a pattern.

Please note, there are some limitations in embedding google sheets so I’m putting the current week in the first tab, previous week with be next.  You can see the full but ugly version in the “Full Cramped View Same data from aggregate pages” tab.

Postcards from the Edge:

FRI: A new previously unseen pattern is showing up. In search console when the new page requested indexing is initiated, three things happen. The first is the new part –  a GET request for the robots.txt file and THEN the /new-page with both desktop and mobile googlebot. 

Still nothing is indexed except the August 31st page showed as indexed on Sept 1st.

Ideally, Both Need To Be Green

No opinion. Evidence-based Analysis.

It is estimated that Google makes 1000’s of changes every year to its algorithms. Some they tell us. But most, they do not.

For the past 6 years, a small and growing number of SEOs are testing specific hypotheses to determine what boosts within the current algorithms.

Is Google Indexing or not? Simple or Complex

For most of 2021, certain processes have been slowed down or in some cases are not working. Indexing is one of these.

This data will be updated as new data shows us the simple truth. We do not need Google to tell us, we can find out ourselves. The purpose of this page to service hard-working SEO’s who find themselves made responsible for something they could not be responsible for at all.

* This page was created as a source that can be cited in SEO news reports, and articles. More information will be added to this page.

Data Source

SEO tester and researcher – Carolyn Holzman. Requests to view data will be honored.

New test pages will be published on as near a day-to-day basis. The dates below are the latest available data.

A document showing data from newest to oldest dates is being prepared. Copies will be made available to those who are interested.


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