Well, I went and did it – yes, there’s a new podcast to add to the 1,7 MILLION podcasts. This one aims to be a response to the natural antagonism between businesses who want to have the benefits of SEO and the SEO agencies they hire.

Having been on both sides, I get it. I believe that by humanizing the industry putting a face on it, sharing the triumphs and flaming failures, frustrations, insights on the face of what SEO looks like today to be successful, that a path can be foraged from where we are today to what we could be together.

There will be various types of formats for the show – seo rants, seo mailbag where facebook posts by either a business or an seo are pulled apart and viewed from both sides, sharing of my current projects, and answering questions sent in by from the front – the bleeding edge of SEO, and anything that would be entertaining.

SEO craft telling through stories.

A site dedicated to the podcast is

You can find it on Alexa, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts –