Who Is American Way Media?

Principles Lead To Profits

American Jobs

We hire American companies and people when we need to create strategic alliances to meet our clients’ needs. We work with American-owned businesses and firms who actively demonstrate their commitment to meeting the needs of their clients, customers and patients as evidenced by their online reviews.

American Ideals

We believe that when local organizations are generating revenue and keeping the majority of those dollars within the local community, then the overall economy is healthy. That’s why our first thought is always on the local front. Even if you’re selling a product or service nationally, your efforts provide a living and resources to people within your own community. 

We live in one of the greatest countries when it comes to our ability to dream a dream and then put feet on it. We can start a company in our garage if we need to. Oh sure, I know you can’t build a nuclear reactor in your garage but who would want to, right? The point is many of us know we can create something from an apparent nothing. It is possible. 

The American Dream

We believe that what we provide assists in the actualization of the American Dream for our clients, their clients and customers as well as for everyone here at American Way Media. Whether it’s building that reputation that helps you secure the next client or bid, to broadcast your message, method or brand on TV, American Way Media understands this is not a drill.

Our Founder

Carolyn has committed her life to ensure that any endeavor she undertakes it must be with thoughtfulness, fairness and decency. When she took on the world of music and film production with her company, CDmaker, her principal motivation was to provide the same resources and respect for the independent musician, label and production studio. They equally deserved the same type of service as a major label. They needed a turn time they could count on and not be pushed back because a large record label ordered their Christmas albums too late. For almost three decades, she fought to be an advocate for playing fair with every business, whether they required 1000 CDs or 1 Million DVDs.

Likewise, she brings the same spirit of advocacy to advertising, digital marketing and broadcasting. Over the past decade, she has been recognized for her work as a search engine optimization strategist (SEO) where her passion lay with local independent businesses struggling to compete online with the likes of Fortune 500 companies.

Metrician, internet expert, super nerd or super genius – whatever you choose to call what Carolyn specializes in, the one thing everyone agrees on is that her methods get results. Carolyn leverages years of experience, industry-leading certifications and training from some of the world’s most renowned experts to build a measurable, results-oriented approach to harnessing the power of the web and its ability to influence behavior.

Why isn’t your website appearing where you want? She can tell you. How do you get more exposure online? She can make that happen. How do you control people’s impressions of you when they are looking for you or your business? She knows how all of the pieces fit together and how to craft a story to your target audience that is comprehensive and effective.

Fun Facts: Carolyn is an AVID football fan and her teams are the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Dolphins. Her favorite place to travel is Vermont in the summer with her husband. One of her favorite people is her son Ben, a Junior at The University of Texas who is studying to become a teacher.  And in her previous life she was an orchestral violist touring Europe, Asia and Canada.